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T-Ball America is the national youth sports organization dedicated to the development of the game
of t-ball. T-Ball America wants to make the game of t-ball fun for the participants as well as instill an interest in both baseball and softball so kids will continue to come back to play every year.  Providing the resources to put kids in a position to succeed, t-ball America offers a variety of programs and services. It is the center for information on how to improve existing t-ball programs and establish new ones. T-Ball America is happy to work with national, regional and local youth baseball leagues, civic or community groups, parents and kids. As a subsidiary of the Youth Sports Club, T-Ball America is striving to be the number one resource for t-ball advice and assistance. 
Make sure you visit our popular "Quick Tips" page. Our podcasts and video clips are excellent educational tools for leagues, coaches and parents.
                           T-Ball America Goals 
1. Introduce T-Ball in an easy-to-learn fun manner. 
2. Put T-Ball players in a position to succeed on the field and at bat. 
3. Teach basic baseball and softball skills one skill at a time. 
4. Use the "Progression Method" so players can succeed at each step. 
5. Make T-Ball a positive experience so kids will come back to play the following year. 
6. Improve as individuals! Improve as a team! Have fun. 
Our T-Ball America packages have been put together to give players, parents and coaches the best chance to succeed in T-Ball and then baseball or softball. 
Our popular best selling T-Ball America Starter Kit (TB-001) includes: 
    1. One T-Ball batting tee endorsed by T-Ball America. 
    2. T-Ball Skills & Drills book 
    3. T-Ball Skills & Drills DVD 
    4. Backyard Baseball Drills DVD 
    5. 4 Practice T-Balls 
The cost of this T-Ball America Starter Kit is 
$59.00+10.00 s/h for a total of $69.00 
Payment will be accepted via Paypal. 
Our paypal account e-mail is: 
*League discounts are available. 
*NY residents please add $5.39 per kit 

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Put your players, coaches and league in a position to succeed!

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