Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Tee Ball Fielding Drills: Plastic Bag Reaction Drill


Plastic Bag Reaction Drill 


A simple reaction drill to a slow moving object.


Thin plastic bags like those used to pack groceries.


2-5 minutes or longer depending on popularity of the game.


This is a one on one drill that parents can easily do at home. Coaches can do this with their first year players. Utilize parents and assistant coaches. I want parents and coaches to get used to being creative and using different props to stimulate and make the drill fun for the kids. It is also important for the kids to see your creativity so when they are older and a parent or coach, they will think creatively.

  1. Take one or two plastic bags like those used in the grocery store.
  2. Stand about 1-3 feet from your child or player facing him or her.
  3. At first just hold one of the plastic bags high and drop it and the player just has to catch it.
  4. Next do the same thing and the player has to clap once and then catch the plastic bag. 
  5. Continuing, have the player close his eyes.
  6. Drop the bag and yell “open”.
  7. The player has to open his eyes, locate the bag floating down and catch it.
  8. With the next variation, the player has his back turned to you.
  9. Drop the bag and yell “turn” and the player turns around, locates the bag and catches it.

Important Tips

For first year players, some as young as 4, you want the drill with the skill to be as non-threatening as possible. This is something I repeat over and over again. You also want the player to be put in a position to succeed. Do not squeeze the bag to tight like a ball. You want it to be somewhat spread out so it floats slowly downward through the air. With some of the variations, try doing it with two bags dropping them at the same time. A woman’s scarf is also good to use as long as you keep it spread out so the scarf floats down fairly slowly giving the player a chance to succeed


Getting young first year players to react to a moving object.


*This is from Marty Schupak's book T-Ball Drills.

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