Sunday, November 8, 2020

Throwing: Safety and Technique!


                     Separate players giving them plenty of space.     It is important t teach the proper way to perform a skill so they won’t have to unlearn it later.

  1. Bring arm all the way back
  2. Teach players to use the whole body-kneel, stand up, kneel stand up throwing into space
  3. Hold the ball on top-this is not the most important but show them 


                        *Over/Under Throwing Drill

This drill challenges players to throw in a particular direction.

Against a wall use chalk or against a fence run some blue masking tape across. Separating the team spreading them out.Each player has a bucket of soft covered baseballs. The coach will yell either “over’ or “under” and the player’s have to try and throw the ball over or under the blue tape. Coaches should encourage players to step toward their target. 

Even though players are spaced apart, there is potential for balls to fly all over. This activity gives players a chance to improve their throwing skill.

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