Sunday, November 22, 2020

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Back Flip Wrist Drill 


Experience “wrist flexor” by flipping  ball backwards.


As many soft covered balls that a coach has and buckets for 12 stations.


3-5 Minutes


Coaches may have a little difficulty first explaining this drill. More than one coach should demonstrate. Kids will want to throw the ball forward. In this drill we are working on technique flipping the ball back with what many in the physical education field call wrist flexor.

  1. Twelve stations set up or one for each player with 1 bucket at each with a parent or coach.
  2. Players are lined up so throwing arms are closest to the fence. About 3 feet.
  3. Righties and lefties face opposite directions.
  4. Players must have very liberal space between each other.
  5. At each station the player will take a ball out of the bucket. With the thumb under the ball and the arm like a right angle.
  6. IMPORTANT-Elbow should be shoulder height, not below.
  7. On the go command, the player will flip the ball against the fence only using the wrist.
  8. The player will reach down, picks up a ball and repeats action.
  9. After each player goes twice, the coach yells “switch” or blows a whistle.
  10.  Players rotate to the next station.
  11.  The back flip is repeated twice again.

Important Tips

The drill can be done with the player staying at the same station but it is best to keep the team moving. And by seeing different coaches or parents one may point out something another missed. The importance of the elbow not falling below the shoulder is preventive for possible injuries when the player gets older. As the player moves on in baseball, this will be one very important mantra not to lower the elbow below the shoulder. When you show the player how to flip the ball using what some call flexor muscles, some players will tend to lower their arm from shoulder to wrist  toward the shoulder. Coaches must insist in this drill that the arm remain still and the only movement is the wrist.


Flicking the ball backwards is giving the players excellent technique foundation for when they throw the ball forward. Before the flip backwards see if the player has the proper grip on the ball with the thumb below it. Always keep the players moving.

                     *This is from Marty Schupak's book T-Ball Drills.

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