Sunday, November 29, 2020


Baseball Golf Game 


Putting the skill of throwing into a fun game.


Coaches will need cones and soft covered balls. The amount will vary as to how many kids are doing the drill.


The time for this drill is open. If done in one’s backyard, kids can spend 20-30 minutes. For teams, the time can be less.


The logistics of this drill will vary depending on location and how many kids will participate at one time. This is one of those drills that coaches can break up the team and have another activity going on at the same time.

  1. Space and participant numbers will dictate the number of cones needed. Each cone will be placed about 40-60 feet from each other.
  2. If 3 cones are used for half a t-ball team with 6 kids then 2 kids will throw toward each cone.
  3. One coach with each group.
  4. Color code each ball so each player knows which ball is theirs.
  5. The goal is to knock down the cone with the fewest number of throws.
  6. When the drill begins the first player throws the ball toward the cone trying to knock it down.

8.  After each throw, the ball stays where it is, like the game of golf. 

9. Like regular golf game the player whose ball is the furtherest away will take the second throw first and so on until the cone is knocked down.

10. Keep track of the number of throws it takes to knock down the cone for each player.

11. Once each player has knocked down a cone, they move to the next hole (or cone).

Important Tips

Coaches can and should demonstrate using the proper throwing technique stepping and throwing. Use safe balls. Coaches should determine at what point during the year they should try this drill. Whatever you do don’t have only some members of the team do this drill. Others will complain. Players do not have to knock down the cones on a fly. To make this drill easier coaches can mount the cones on one or two light boxes giving the player a bigger target.


The biggest benefit is that this is a great fun drill to break up a practice. If done at the end this is one of those drills kids love and will leave practice on a high note wanting more. This is also a great at home drill for parents.

                       *This is from Marty Schupak's book T-Ball Drills.

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