Friday, October 11, 2019

Pied Piper Drill

The Pied Piper Drill is from Marty Schupak's newest book: 
T-Ball Drills due out in January 2020.

Playing a fun game.

A baseball diamond or any open area. Bases or drop down bases.

5-10 minutes.

I believe part of our job as t-ball coaches is to expose the kids to
as much positive activity as possible as well as introducing the great
game of baseball to them. This drill is as easy as it comes and it gets
the team running in a fun way. Ideally the best way to do this drill is
with two lines of six players but three lines of four can work so try it
both ways. If any of you ran track or cross country, you may
recognize this drill. I saw it first by my high school cross country
coach with his team running around the track. I incorporated it into my baseball practices.

1. Divide the team in half so there are six players on each team.
2. One team lines up between first and second in single file.
3. One team lines up between third and home in single file.
4. It is imperative you explain to the team that this is not a race,
but a team building drill.
5. The coach will be positioned on the pitcher’s mound.
6. On his “Go” command both lines jog slowly to the next base
with the first person in line setting the pace.
7. Then the coach yells out “Next.”
8. Upon this command the last player in line will run up to the
front of the line, and now he sets the pace.
9. When that person is set as the leader and a few steps are
taken, the coach yells “Next.”
10. Again, the last person in each line runs up to be the leader
and, he now sets the pace.
11. This continues for a time or a predetermined number of

trips around the bases.

Important Tips
Coaches doing this for the first time can play with the amount of
jogging steps the leader takes before his “Next” command. As
mentioned, you can do three lines of four, but the beauty of the       two lines is that there is a buffer with one base path being open on each side of each line. You can have the players wear their gloves or do it with no gloves.

Showing the team a non-competitive team building drill with
some conditioning.

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