Sunday, September 8, 2019

Tissue Hit

The "Tissue Hit" drill is a great beginning drill for t-ball players that can be done at home.

Help develop hand eye coordination with a hittable moving object object.

A big red plastic bat. A box of tissues. A gripper like one stores use to get items that are high and out of reach.

4-6 Minutes

An individual more than a team drill. This should be done later rather than earlier in the season. It will be hard enough for some of the kids to just hit a ball off a batting tee. It is one of those drills that parents can do at home with their kids. In fact t-ball coaches should have a list of drills and explanations as a hand out for parents to do at home. The gripper in this drill is like the one used by store owners to get items off the shelf up high. This drill is somewhat similar to the balloon and bubble hit. And yes this is t-ball but to engage the players we want to challenge and stimulate them. And remember that players of all ages like seeing and using props. Start with the older players or returning t-ball players doing this drill. As the young players see them they will also want a try.

1. Have a player at home plate with a big red plastic bat.
2. The coach has a gripper with a tissue at the end that is flat and not rolled up.
3. The coach with his arm stretched to the limit both length and height wise.
4. He let’s go of the tissue with the gripper.

5. When the tissue gets to an area the player thinks he has a chance to make contact with it he swings the bat.

Important Tips
This is a wonderful at home drill for parents to include all their kids. If it is done at home and a deck is available, try it as long as it does not impede the player’s swing.  Some kids will want to swing more than once at the tissue. Let them! Also remember that the tissue will not drop in a straight line. And the higher up it has to come down, the less straight it will be.

Players will exercise that eye hand coordination and learn to focus and swing at a moving object.

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