Thursday, September 5, 2019

T-Ball Lead Drill

The Lead Drill is an excellent drill teaching players to catch fly balls. Coaches and parents can have variations of the drill for t-ball players. Remember safety is of the most concern.                             

Teaching players to keep their eye on the ball while running for a fly.

A bucket of soft covered balls.

5-10 minutes

This drill is generally for older players. Like many drills if you make the proper adjustments, you can have t-ball players experience this advanced type of drill. Make sure you take into consideration the physical distance of the drill, the type of balls used and the ability of the t-ball players on the team.
  1. The players will line up in a single file line.
  2. The coach will have a bucket of soft covered balls next to him.
  3. The coach will line himself next to the first person in line.
  4. On the “go” command the first player will run away from the coach and try to look over his shoulder at the coach.
  5. The coach will throw the ball trying to lead the player.
  6. The ultimate goal is to catch the ball but the players at this age should only strive to touch the ball with their glove.

Important Tips
This will be difficult for many t-ballers especially at the beginning of the season. Coaches can use variations of this drill like just having them walk away from the coach at first. Most players will not be able to catch the ball which is why we are putting them in a position to succeed requiring them just to touch the ball with their glove. Coaches can also use bigger size balls including nerf balls. We want the players to realize that not all catches are made in a stationary position and that moving to the ball is a great basic fundamental. Coaches should divide the team into two lines by ability and run this drill with two lines and two coaches. Coaches must be aware of where the sun is when doing this drill. Many times having the players run into the sun is the best way to run this drill because they will be looking back at the coach away from the sun. Also coaches need to emphasize or even have an assistant or parent help to direct the player after his turn so he does not run into the next participant. This is a great drill a parent can do in their own backyard.

T-Ball players are getting the experience of moving their feet or running to field the ball.

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