Monday, September 2, 2019

T-Ball Drill:Tennis Racquet Home Run Derby

Tennis racquet home run derby is more of an individual fun drill than anything else. Introducing t-ball players to hitting a moving ball instead of off a batting tee is a big step. Always try to put the player in a position to succeed. The tennis racquet has a bigger face than a bat to hit a ball. 

1.Put a 4” cinder block on the ground.
2.The player will hold a tennis racquet like a baseball bat.
3.The coach or parent will bounce the ball off the cinder block.
4.As soon as he bounces the ball, the person has to quickly move back to make sure there is no chance of being hit by the tennis racquet.
5.The player will watch the ball bounce up.
6.He will swing at the ball only on the down flight of the ball.
7.If there is only one player, continue with more balls.
8.If this is being done on the field, give the player a pre-determined number of chances.

Important Tips
The 4” cinder block is recommended but this is only for convenience because it is lighter than 6” or 8” blocks. If you are doing this in your backyard and have 6” or 8” cinder blocks and can handle the weight, don’t go out and buy the 4” just for this drill. This drill can also be done at the end of a small bench. Interestingly if you have both and are doing this in your own backyard, try it both ways. Because the cinder block is on the ground and the bench is above it gives the batter two different looks at the tennis ball. The emphasis should be on the player hitting the ball and not the form of the swing.
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