Friday, September 6, 2019

Miss The Tee Drill

The Miss The Tee Drill is an excellent drill that is very 
non-threatening that young tee-ball players can do. It is also a perfect at home drill.

Teaching t-ball players bat control

Batting tee, two plastic bats or one bat and one pole, 6’ piece of rope.

3-10 Minutes

Bat control at the t-ball level is a challenge for many young players. Some players will completely miss hitting the ball off the batting tee. Remembering that youngsters in this age group 5-6 develop differently. Coaches and especially parents and players should not feel frustrated if he cannot succeed at this drill. The beauty of this drill is that you can make it very achievable.
1. Set up a batting tee at the appropriate height for the player to hit but without a ball.
2. Take a thin plastic bat like a whiffle ball bat.
3. Tie a rope at the end of the bat.
4. Wrap it around the bat so there is 2-3 feet of rope hanging from the end.
5. Set the player up like he will be hitting off the tee.
6. Back off a distance where the player’s swing is a safe if he swings it and won’t hit the coach.
7. Hold the plastic bat out so the rope is directly over the batting tee.
8. Have it so there is a liberal amount of space between the rope and the tee.
9. Instruct the player to swing the bat in between the tee and the rope but not to hit either.
10. The coach or parent can lower or raise the bat to make it easier or to challenge the player.

Important Tips
This individual drill can be quite helpful for young players. An alternative to a plastic bat for the coach to extend the rope would be a broom stick or any type of pole. It has to be long enough that it is safe for the coach or parent holding it. I used to do this drill at the corner of my deck in my backyard. Tying the rope to the corner pole and letting it hang down directly over the batting tee can have the same effect as long as the player can freely swing the bat unencumbered and it is easy enough to wrap the rope around the corner of the deck to lengthen or shorten the rope. You can use thicker plastic bats. Remember the object is not to hit the rope or the tee. 

T-ball players are learning in a general way to focus and control where they swing the bat.

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