Friday, September 20, 2019

Baserunning Relay Drill

Kids as young as t-ball age love competition and love relay races. In the Baserunning Relay Drill we utilizing the full baseball diamond. I've used this form of a relay race for kids ages 6-18.

Having players run a relay race. 

5-10 Minutes

Baseball diamond with bases. Or anywhere in the field with drop down bases. A couple of baseballs and cones.

I maintain that you can take almost any activity and create a baseball theme into it. Whether it is playing soccer while squeezing a ball in your glove or a game I made up that was one of  my most popular called “Baseball Football” which players played a game of touch football with a tennis ball while squeezing a baseball in their glove. In this drill we are taking the relay race concept and again putting in a baseball theme. The key to this is safety. To make sure the players running don’t run into other players waiting for their turn. Utilize your assistant coaches at each line putting one with each group.

1. Split the team in half. Six on one and six on the other.
2. One team of six is at home plate. The other team of six is at second base. 
3. Give the first player in each line a baseball.
4. On the “go” command the players will sprint around the bases.
5.    Each player must touch all bases 
6.    When he gets back to where he started, the on deck runner will have stepped out to receive the ball.
7.   And then the player with the ball hands the ball to the next player in line.
8.   The group that finishes the drill fastest with each player touching every base wins the drill.

Remember that the players will be running fast. This is why we need assistant coaches at each group. And you have to set up cones so the players not running or receiving the ball should be well beyond where the player will run and they do run wide. This relay race should be done well into the season so the coach can recognize the speed of each player and make the teams fair. Here’s a hint. Whenever you do a competition dividing your team into 2 teams, have one team take off their cap to make easier for everyone to distinguish.

Getting players to compete and run the bases in the correct direction.

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