Sunday, August 18, 2019

Cross Infield Drill

As T-Ball coaches move on to the next level, look for drills that have minimal down time and keep your players always moving.
The Cross Infield Drill is excellent for players to get multiple repetitions. This drill with adjustments can even be used in t-ball.

1) Use of drill & players needed: As a warm-up drill usually done right after warm up exercises. At least five or more players.
2) Equipment: Four baseballs (with extras available) and one bat for each coach hitting.
3)Goal: Give players a good number of repetitions fielding grounders and to always keep the players moving.
There are four lines of players in this drill and two coaches. If you have 12 players, there is a line of 3 players at third base, 2 players at shortstop, 3 players at second base, 2 players off of first base. There is one player and one coach between home and third base and another player and coach between home and first base. The coach between home and third will hit ground balls to the two lines on the right side of the infield. He hits initially to the line that has three players on it and the fielder catches the grounder and throws it to the player next to the coach, who is simulating a first baseman.  The coach works with two baseballs and as soon as he hits its, the player next to him flips him another ball and he hits it to the first player in the other line. The player who just had their chance goes to the end of the other line and so on. Creating movement and keeping the players active is very important to keep them stimulated. The coach between home and first base will hit the balls to the lines on the left side of the infield. Coaches can do this for a defined period of time or repetitions then can flip flop both lines on the field. Keep the players moving and get them to all areas on the field.  A very important safety issue is for coaches to make sure if they miss or hit the ball too softly, that the fielders do not charge the ball. If they do they are exposing themselves to being hit by baseballs from the other line. Just redo another hit. Early in the season to introduce this drill or if you are short coaches or players, then just use one side of the infield with the two lines.

This drill is from Marty Schupak’s ebook:
Baseball Coaching: A Guide For The Youth Coach And Parent

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