Wednesday, June 26, 2019

T-Ball Tip: One Bounce, Two Bounce

This is a great drill on a blacktop when a field is not readily available or just for fun. It can also be done in some driveways or in the backyard against a house or even in the inner city.
A coach will throw a tennis ball against a wall and yell out a number of bounces the tennis ball must take before the player can catch it. If the coach yells out, “One bounce,” the player must catch the ball after only one bounce. In these cases, he must rush in to make the catch. If the coach says, “Three bounces,” the player should backpedal, allowing for the tennis ball to bounce three times before making the catch. 
This is one of those drills that the development of the child will determine if he can do it. There will be a big differential for t-ball players in ability and age. T-Ballers 6 years old will be more successful at this drill than 5 year old players with all things being equal. An alternate is instead of catching the ball, they have to block it with their glove or body or just swat it away using their glove. This way we are simplifying the way success can be achieved so that most players will be successful at this.

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