Monday, May 27, 2019

Color Ball Reaction Drill

This drill is from Marty Schupak's newest t-ball book:
T-Ball Drills: For Ages 4-7
Available January 1st, 2020

Color Ball Reaction Drill

Get players to react on visually recognizing the color of a ball.

2-4 Minutes

A plastic golf balls with 2 different colors.

This may be the most advanced drill you’ll see for t-ball players. When I first introduced this drill it was for my team of 10, 11 and 12 year olds. I adjusted it a little bit for t-ball players so instead of catching the ball the player just has to slap or knock it down to the ground.  It is still very challenging for kids this young but don’t be reluctant to expose them to it especially the older kids on the team. This is an excellent at home drill that you should make your parents aware of. The two color plastic golf balls I used were white and yellow. I used the wiffle ball type with the holes in it.
  1. Take 2 different colored plastic balls about golf ball size.
  2. Say yellow and white using about 6 for each color.
  3. Explain to your players when the yellow ball is tossed, he has to use his left hand.
  4. When white ball is tossed, he has to use his right hand.
  5. The coach or parent will toss the ball underhand about 10 feet from the player.
  6. The player must recognize the color of the ball and knock it down with the appropriate hand.
  7. Go through using all of the balls.
Adjust the distance depending on the ability of the player. You can also help the player out tossing the ball extra high and if you see he is unsure, yell out the hand to use. You can try this drill with larger balls but make sure they are soft. If you want to challenge the better athletes (usually done after t-ball) designate one color for left, one for right and one to let go. As long as the ball is non-threatening and soft, there is nothing wring with letting hit the player’s body. Or you can do 2 colors for one hand and only 1 color for the other.

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