Sunday, May 26, 2019

Cross Sports Drills/Basketball Throw

  When you start coaching your t-ball team, the gathering of information from your library, the internet and speaking to other coaches cannot be overlooked. Another source that I have used in my 25-year coaching career may surprise you. I have developed some of my most creative and popular drills from other sports. This is what I call "cross sports drills."  Whether it is a drill in football, basketball or even ice hockey, you may come up with a diamond in the rough that you can use with adjustments for t-ball and coaching baseball beyond t-ball. Here is an example: Using a regular sized basketball put your team in a straight line and if you can utilize assistant coaches or parents have three lines. Without a baseball glove, I have the first person in line in the ready position. I then roll or bounce a basketball simulating a ground ball that the player has to catch. The t-ball player is forced not only to catch the basketball with two hands but because of the size of the sphere, he or she will focus more on keeping their eye on the ball. Once the player catches the ball, he rolls it back to the coach and gets to the end of the line. The second or third time around, roll the basketball to the player's left of right and emphasize to try to field it in the middle of their body. This "Basketball Toss" drill works!

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