Sunday, March 17, 2019

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When my first child was born, for better or for worse I could not wait to get a bat in his hands. Looking back I was a little overzealous. But like many dads in my generation I wanted to have a ball player in the family. The positive was I knew as over excited and as much as a Little League father I was my approach would be a combination of being somewhat low keyed and I knew the importance of putting my own children in a position to succeed. Here are some hitting drills or swinging drills I did with all my kids.

1)Bubble Hit
I’ve shown this in a couple of my videos. Any bat that fits in your kids hands. Preferably one of those thick red bats. You the parent will blow bubbles. Any size! The huge ones that weren’t available when I was is a kid are fine. As you blow or produce the bubbles you will need to backpedal as your son or daughter should hit them with the bat trying to break them. A game any kid will love and succeed in.

2) Noodle Kick Ball 
Grab two of those Noodles used in the pool or at the beach. Place two light (very light) big plastic balls on the ground. You begin to hit the ball with the Noodle trying to get to the other side of your backyard. You son or daughter will copy and follow you! Both parents should be involved in this drill.

3)  A Bathroom Plunger In A Batting Tee
Turn a new bathroom plunger upside down in a batting tee. Place a light plastic kick ball on the plunger and have your child hit the ball off the batting tee.

4) On Guard 
Using two Noodles you and your son and daughter will have a dual. Don’t laugh, the kids love this. More do with eye-hand contact than hitting. But try it!

5) Steal The Bacon With A Noodle 
A take off on the game of “Steal The Bacon.” Put a ball 10-15 feet in between you and your child. When you say “Go” both of you holding a Noodle will run toward the ball. The first one to hit it wins. If you want, the first person to hit the ball beyond a line wins.

6) Newspaper Punch Ball
As a kid I loved a game called ‘Punch Ball.” Played like baseball, a Spalding or tennis ball is held and thrown up and you hit the ball with the other hand made into a fist. For the young kids, roll up one or two pages of newspaper (Mom, a little print stains are ok once in a while). Throw it up and hit it out of the air with the fist. The person who hits it has to get to first base before they are tagged out with the newspaper ball.
There you go! Get off the couch! Get off the computer and put down the iPhone down and get outside and “Play Ball.”

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