Thursday, February 21, 2019

T-Ball Tip That Will Guarantee Success!

Quick Tip From T-Ball America
and Marty Schupak's book T-Ball Skills & Drills

Here is a quick easy drill that will pay dividends at the t-ball level and beyond. Remember that the simplest, most effective drills in most sports need not cost an arm and a leg for parents, leagues and coaches.
Have players at first catch a ground ball from the coach or parent barehanded. By using only bare hands this is forcing the players to use both hands to secure the ball properly. If done correctly, catching ground balls barehanded forces the player to have the dominant hand on top of the ball, which should also be the case if he were wearing a glove to field grounders in games. This prevents the ball from bouncing out of the glove for an error. 
Notice how the player has his hands in front of his legs. This is excellent fundamental fielding for every level of play. Coaches talk about the “triangle” that forms correctly with both legs and the hands. This type of basic drill is done at even the highest level of play to reinforce the basics.
The players will just roll the balls away and not back to the coach. At first we are separating the catching and throwing skills and just want the players to focus on one skill, which in this case is catching grounders. You can eventually have the players use their gloves. Remember they are tossing the ball underhand on the ground.

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