Sunday, February 10, 2019

T-Ball Gloves-Buyer Beware!

Quick Tip From T-Ball America
and Marty Schupak's book T-Ball Skills & Drills

 In t-ball and even other divisions, I've seen kids come to their first practice with baseball gloves that would make the founders of baseball roll over in their graves. I cannot blame the parents totally on purchasing the wrong type of glove for their kids. In my area we are fortunate to have a very diverse population with many hard working immigrants who want to be a part of the community. Many of the parents don't know too much about t-ball but want to do the right thing for their children. Many single mom households and even dads who no nothing about sports will do the same thing. Upon signing up their kids, they will run out and buy the best glove that fits their economic position that is labeled "T-Ball Glove." Many times these gloves make it impossible to catch any type of ball. A lot of times, these "Pancake Gloves" are made by the millions overseas and sold cheaply pretending to be a good piece of equipment. They aren't. Leagues, commissioners and coaches have to instruct their parents on the correct gloves for their players.
These are what I call 'Pancake Gloves." Companies are more interested in selling these by the millions instead of selling the correct glove that will help make t-ball players sound baseball and softball players. Leagues have to be involved in helping parents in the decision making on new equipment.
  With that said, here is a theory of mine that I believe will help t-ball and all baseball players in the long run. How about playing the first inning of every t-ball game the first half of the season with a softer than normal ball, and no gloves used in the field? Having fielders play without gloves will actually help in their catching techniques. Leagues should think about this and always play the season for the long haul. Remember the goal for every coach is only one thing, to have their players sign up to play baseball or softball next year!

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