Saturday, February 9, 2019

A T-Ball Tip That Is A Sure Thing

Quick Tip From T-Ball America
and Marty Schupak's book T-Ball Skills & Drills

Here's an idea that has been a "home run" during my youth coaching career since I started doing it. Have a team newsletter.  Ask for a volunteer to do this at your parent's meeting. You'll get more than one volunteer. For a ten game t-ball season, you can have three newsletters. For a fifteen game season have four. You determine the number based on the number of games your t-ball team plays. Here are a few musts:
1) It must be a hard copy, not an e-mail.
2) It must be one page only and keep it simple.
3) Each t-ball player's name must be mentioned in each newsletter.
4) You the coach must see the final proof before it is distributed.

 This works great! Everyone loves it! The players, the parents and the coaches. And some of the best fans of the team newsletter are the grandparents (use large fonts). In fact when they receive the hard copy in Florida, everyone in their condominium complex will see the newsletter.

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