Saturday, January 5, 2019

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Bench Throwing
You can have books written just on throwing. Coaches and parents need to understand that if there is one skill that should be worked on individually this is it! Because five year‒olds may not lack strength and coordination, we as t‒ball coaches may be asking them to perform the throwing skill a certain way that they physically cannot do. With that said, I have found that one of the biggest bad habits of young players is not bringing their arm all the way back and the bad habits developed are hard and sometimes cannot be undone. Understanding the concept of throwing by bringing the arm back can be hard for young t‒ball players to understand. Coaches need to be creative with techniques that enable the player to experience the act of the arm rotating back. Take a free standing bench or even a bleacher seat. Have the player lie down with the coach in front of him. The player then brings his arm down then up and throws the ball to the coach. By lying down on the bench, gravity will force the player to bring his arm all the way down. This technique should immediately be followed up with the player standing up and throwing a ball, focusing on bringing his arm back. I have seen players throw thinking they are bringing their arm back when they really aren’t. So in the Bench Throwing Drill they are actually experiencing how it feels when their arm is brought all the way back. This is an important drill to bring to a young player because proper throwing techniques early on, such as bringing the arm all the way back, will prevent injuries later in their career.

With the player lying on the bench, the coach stands at the foot of it and catches the ball thrown by the player.

Some players will understand a concept in a different physical position. Many players standing straight up do not understand the throwing motion. Players will “short arm” the ball throwing it from the ear, meaning they will not bring the ball past the ear. Many young players think they are bringing their arm all the way back when in fact they have never experienced this feeling. With Bench Throwing, this will help give the player the actual feeling of his arm going back. Watching as well as doing helps the young player understand the throwing concept.

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