Sunday, December 9, 2018

Tee Ball Miss The Tee Drill

A challenging exercise for young kids is for the coach or parent to tie a rope at the end of a bat or pole. The rope is then hung over the batting tee with room for a bat to pass between the tee and the end of the rope. The player must swing the bat without hitting the batting tee or the rope. As the player swings through the empty space, which promotes bat control and hand‒eye coordination, the coach will lower the rope, making the space even harder for the player to pass the bat through without touching either object. The coach can even have a player start with a big red bat and then switch bats. This is getting the batter used to the different sized bats. Coaches can even hold out a plastic bat instead of the rope contraption. This drill will condition t‒ball players to swing at the ball on top of the tee without hitting the tee over with their swing, which is common in t‒ball. It is very important to put them in a position to succeed the first few turns so make sure there is more than ample space between the rope and the batting tee.

Bonus tip: Instead of using running as a punishment on sports team, how about rewarding your team running a victory lap around the field if they do something good. Include the coaches. Changing the way players look at running may have a lifetime affect on them.

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