Friday, December 7, 2018

Tee Ball Color Code Hitting

Giving young t‒ballers a target to focus on is a good idea. Just as it was important to keep their eyes on the ball when fielding, it is equally important to do so when hitting. Getting young players to keep their head and eyes on the ball is a challenge on all levels. Color‒coding the baseballs will give the hitter something to focus on.
   Besides using a color, stickers is even a better idea. The sticker is something young players are familiar with and this is a great way to keep the batter’s eyes on the ball. Have the players try to hit the ball squarely on the sticker. The player can even call out the color or the animal on the sticker to prove his eye was on the ball upon contact.
  An animal sticker like the one shown on the baseball may seem very juvenile but this technique works, and works well. If you have t‒ball players who are on the team a second time, this drill might be boring for some of those players. This is where the coach should separate the team by skill and ability. One group may be working on focusing on hitting the sticker on the ball while the other group can do a more advanced drill at the same time. If you or the coach is able to have more than two groups based on ability, this is something that should be taken advantage of in practice. The head coach should have the final say on which player goes into which group. Coaches should get feedback from their assistants. If you are able to use groups, do not overlook team drills. You don’t want your t‒ball team to have mini teams. You have one team with coaching goals.

Bonus Tip: In t-ball try to separate skills. When you are teaching throwing, don't have your players catch. When you are teaching catching, don't have your players throw.

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