Saturday, December 1, 2018

Paddle Catch

Just as catching ground balls barehanded will force players to use both hands, the Paddle Catch drill will also do the same thing. Take a round piece of plywood or a Ping‒Pong racquet without the handle. Attach a light cotton glove with the tip of the fingers cut off to the back of the paddle so the player can comfortably put his hand inside of it.

You want to try to do it correctly so the glove is secured to the paddle well and won’t come off. The cotton glove can be attached in any number of ways. Crazy Glue, or even just stapling the glove to the wood works well.

The paddle is then simulating a glove but the player must still use two hands. Depending on the skill level you can begin to introduce the concept of players moving their feet to the baseball and not reaching for it. The barehanded and paddle catch will help begin to reinforce players moving to the ball and not just reaching with their arms. Like in almost all t‒ball drills, make sure the player just tosses the ball aside and doesn’t throw it back. We want to separate skills.

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