Saturday, December 29, 2018

Cinder-Block Drill

Usually I save this drill for kids older than t-ball. But this drill is a great backyard drill if you have the space. Take a 4" cinder block and lay it flat on the ground. Give your player one of those thick red plastic bats. Take a tennis ball and after you set up your player in a batter's stance, bounce the ball off the cinder block and move away quickly so you don't get hit with the bat. When the ball is on it's way down the player has to swing at the ball. This drill is also very effective when the player uses a tennis racquet. The beauty of this drill is that with the big plastic bat or tennis racquet, we are putting the t-ball player in a position to succeed. Also even though the player is just hitting the ball off the batting tee his first year year, coaches and parents should try different challenges as the season progresses. T-ball players love free swinging a bat to hit the ball just like they see their older brothers and sisters do.

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