Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Velcro Catch Drill

One of the hardest skills for young players to succeed at is to catch a fly ball hit to them. In fact, the best ways to turn a player off from the game of baseball is for him to get hit with a fly ball in the face. The Velcro fly ball drill will help players gain confidence in catching the fly ball and their fear of getting hurt by the ball will be diminished. 

With the Velcro paddle, the coach will at first just throw the ball a short distance. He can then move further apart and finally hit the Velcro ball with a racquet. Giving the player confidence will enable him to progress to the next level using his glove to catch a tennis ball or a pickle ball, and finally the t‒ball.

A good beginning technique when the players first use their gloves is to tell them they do not have to catch the ball but just make contact with the ball with their glove. Remember you want the players to achieve as much success as possible at an early age to gain confidence.

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