Tuesday, November 27, 2018

T-Ball Force Play Concept Explained

This drill is from Marty Schupak's new t-ball book to be released in 2019. The force play or being forced on the bases is one of the strangest concepts new t-ball player will be exposed to. Many will not get it the first time it is explained. Coaches must not only explain but show the players. In this drill we are trying to simplify it by using the term "pushed."

Teaching players the concept of the force play using the term “pushed.”.

5-10 Minutes

Regular bases or drop down bases are used in this drill. Drop down bases are preferred.

This drill is similar to the previous base running drill except we are introducing the  concept of a force play and when a baserunner has to run and when he has the option of running or staying at the base he is at. For young t-ball players using the term “Pushing” when explaining the concept of being forced is easier to understand.
  1. Gather the players at home plate to explain the drill.
  2. Put a player on second base.
  3. Then get between the group at home and the player at second base and ask out loud if the player at second is being “pushed.”
  4. When someone yells out “no” expound on that explaining and reinforcing.
  5. Have a player stand in the batter’s box.
  6. A coach will throw a ground ball simulating a hit.
  7. The player in the batter’s box will run to first base.
  8. Now with runners at 1st and 2nd ask the team if the runner at 2nd is being “pushed.”
  9. When a player answers “yes” again expound on the explanation but not too long of an explanation.
  10. A coach will again throw a ground ball simulating a hit.
  11. The players on 1st and 2nd base will run to the next base.

Important Tips
There is a lot of explaining in this drill with limited activity but it is quite necessary. As a coach you have to decide when the best time to explain the force or being “pushed” concept. The first week of practice may not be the time to explain this concept as the youngest players are trying to absorb everything coming at them at once.


Getting players to learn the concept of the force play or as a baserunner being “pushed.”

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