Sunday, November 25, 2018

Little League Wild Pitch Drill

Have baserunner on 3rd base with a regular infield at their position. The coach so the catcher can’t see places a baseball somewhere behind home plate maybe near the fence. On the “go” command the catcher has to turn around and locate the baseball. While this is happening the pitcher runs to cover home and the baserunner starts to run home. Because this is a drill, the baserunner does not slide and slows up just before reaching home. The catcher will throw or flip the ball to the pitcher who will make the tag. We are working on the catcher and his throw ti home and the pitcher catching the ball to make the tag. Many times the pitcher will take his eye off the ball coming to him to see the baserunner. Also do this drill with runners at 2nd and 3rd. With more than one baserunner the second baseman goes to the base of the mound as a backup in case the ball gets by the pitcher at home.

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