Monday, July 9, 2018

T-Ball Drill/Sneak Preview

This t-ball drill is a sneak preview from Marty Schupak and T-Ball America's new book, 

Youth Baseball Drills: T-Ball, Ages 4-7 Years Old

due out in 2019.

Ball Flip Drill 
To use the wrist to flip the ball up in the air and see how the ball comes off one’s hand with the backspin
Sponge balls, soft covered baseballs, tennis balls and and rolled up newspaper can be used
2-4 minutes
If you played sports growing up or any of your brothers and sisters did you are probably familiar with the next basic drill. There was probably one or more times when either your mother or father walked into a room and you or one of your brothers and sisters were on the living room floor, on their backs and you were just flipping a ball up in the air then catching it and flipping it up again continuously. Well you were doing the flip drill and believe it or not it is an excellent drill. This drill is a basic fundamental skill that can be done in the pre-season in a gym or on the field if it is dry. Parents can do this drill side by side with their own kids in their backyard. It is incredibly beneficial if parent can do drills with their kids which will become some of the best memories they will ever have.
  1. The coach should demonstrate lying on the back and flipping the ball up and catching it.
  2. Have each player lie on a soft area of dry grass that was recently cut.
  3. Make sure they are spread out so they are not on top of each other.
  4. Have one parent or coach with each player.
  5. With a tennis ball or soft covered ball the player will flip the ball up a few inches and catch it.
  6. Rolling up a newspaper into a ball is another item that will work well especially for the least skilled kids.
  7. Once each player did the flip between 8-10 times, they can get up and go to the next parent or coach and begin the process agin.
Important Tips
As with many of the drills in this book, having both parents involved as volunteers during the season will get them to see the drill and technique you are trying to teach the players. One might wonder why the players have to rotate to another parent or coach when they can do the same in one spot. As coaches you should try and project movement in your practices.
By lying on the back, the kids will not be able to throw sidearm. Kids will see the ball come off their hand. Many but not all the kids will know and see what a “back spin” is. Coaches should briefly explain the back spin in a basic was so they kids understand it. Also when lying on their back the player will naturally grip the ball correctly with the thumb on the front side of the ball.

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