Friday, July 13, 2018

T-Ball Drill Sneak Preview

This is a drill from Marty Schupak's newest t-ball book due out in 2019.

Free Standing Bench Throw Drill #4

To get kids to recognize the bringing of their arm all the way back when throwing a ball.

A free standing bench that the players can lie down comfortably in a safe situation

2-4 minutes or 5-10 turns for each players

Many times as a coach or a parent we will tell players that they are not bringing their throwing arm all the way. Some players will insist that they are in fact bringing their arms back. The beauty of the bench drill is that because the players are lying down, gravity itself will help bring their throwing arm all the way back.And many of the players will feel this motion for the first time ever.
  1. Two coaches should demonstrate this drill first.
  2. The set up is the player is on the bench on his back.
  3. The coach or parent will stand at the end of the bench at the player’s feet or a couple of feet away. 
  4. The coach cannot be too far away because he has to be in plain view for the player.
  5. The player will bring his arm down almost like a wind mill then come forward with the ball and letting it go in front of him to the coach.
  6. The coach and parent should always be in plain view for the player.
Important Tips
It is unrealistic that t-ball teams will go out and get twelve free standing benches. This is one of those drills that should be combined with other drills. A great idea is to include this as one in a series of station drills. Players love props and will be looking at the bench even before they go over to it. A challenge for the player lying down is to place two coaches an arm’s length apart and alternate which coach the player’s throws the ball to. Coaches have to realize that this drill should work with most kids but not all. The progression of motor skills will vary as well as the ability for the player to understand what we are trying to teach him.

In this drill as mentioned the gravity will automatically put their arm back. Players who have not been able to bring their arm back will now be able to feel the new movement. This drill makes it easier to when the player is standing up straight to throw the ball bringing his arm back. Coaches can refer to the bench drill to reinforce the proper way to throw. The idea to repeat this numerous times is giving the player some muscle memory.

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