Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Quick Tip # 9


  Throwing is one of the hardest skills to teach young baseball players correctly. Bad habits are hard to break and so are good habits. The problem is if a t-ball player or youth player develops a bad habit and it is not corrected at a young age, the bad habit can continue. There are many tips when teaching kids throwing. I'll discuss just a few here. When first year t-ballers first start throwing, get ready. Many times it is bombs away with the balls flying all over the place. This is why two things are extremely important:
1) First to use soft covered balls or tennis balls 2) And second spread your players far apart. I have spoken about separating skills. To separate throwing from catching. When teaching throwing you want the players to step with the opposite foot that they throw with. When having your players throw, try it against a fence. Put down 2 or 3 low cones in a line toward the fence you want your players to step toward. This will help the players keep directional. Another bad habit young players will get into is their elbow will be too low and not pointing at the target. This may be heard for 5-year olds to understand but if you hold their arms, raising their elbows and directing the elbow to the target, they will get it. Another thing young kids do is not bring back their arms. some even think they are bringing their arm back when they aren't. I found an activity that will help this. Get a free standing bench and have each player lie on their back. Hand them a tennis ball and tell them to bring their arm down toward the ground, rotate it behind them then throw the tennis ball to you the coach who is standing at the player's feet. Gravity will help bring the player's arm all the way down and back and some players who thought they were bringing their arm back will now feel something they never felt as their arm is definitely going down and back.

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