Thursday, October 19, 2017

Quick Tip # 47

Dive-Ball Drill

This is a drill that can be done as a team or individually in the backyard. All you really need is a patch of thick grass and a bucket of soft covered t-balls or tennis balls. The team is divided into two or three groups. The more lines the more repetitions the players will get. This will depend on how many assistant coaches or parents are available. The coach will call out the first player who stands about 10-15 feet from the coach facing him.The coach takes a ball from the bucket then yells “Left.” The player moves toward the left and the coach leads him with the ball so the player must dive for it. If the player catches the ball he rolls it back to the coach. Knocking down the ball or stopping it with his body is as good as a catch. The coach then yells, “Right.” The player gets up and moves to this right and the coach leads him again so the player must dive. Each player gets three or four turns before the next player’s turn. Young kids love this drill and are taught early that stopping a ball and keeping it from of you can be just as effective as catching it.

Marty Schupak is President of the Youth Sports Club and 
T-Ball America

He also has a new blog called Schupak Sports.

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