Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Quick Tip # 43

More T-Ball Drills & Games

  T-Ball will be the first organized team concept for most of the kids you are coaching. We have one goal and one goal only. To make sure each t-ball player wants to come back for the next practice and to come back to play next year. By the time you are reading this quick tip hopefully you have created at least one or two new drills. If not, try these:

Circle Game                                                                              
Players in a circle using soft covered balls must throw a grounder to anyone else in the circle except the player on each side. Coaches will count out loud how many consecutive catches are made without an error. After t-ball you can use two circles and have a competition.

Goalie Drill                                                                                
A t-ball player is situated between two cones. A coach or assistant with a bucket of soft covered balls will try to get the ball past the t-ball player who doesn’t catch the ball but slaps it away. He moves laterally back and forth and even dives to stop the ball. Adjust the width of the cones.

Line Master                                                                                
A parent can try this one on one with their child first. The parent faces their child and each has a ball. The parent says “go” and at the same time they throw the ball they are holding and try to catch the ball thrown to them. Start at a short distance and at first the player just has to make contact with the ball and their glove.

Over The Fence                                                                      
The player must wear a helmet with this drill. The player’s back is to the fence. The parent is on the other side of the fence and throws a soft covered ball over and yells “go” and the t-ball player turns and tries to pick up the ball in the air and just makes contact with the ball with his glove.

 Adjust all drills to the age and ability of the player. If the player can’t catch the ball cleanly, adjust the drill. The players should have a positive experience from each one of these. Go to it and have fun!

Marty Schupak is President of the Youth Sports Club and T-Ball America

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