Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Quick Tip # 42

More Baseball Drills For T-Ballers

    There are an endless amount of drills and games that have not even been created yet. Read the drills and games below and let’s put on our creative hats and make up new drills. A Spalding hi-bounce ball is often called a Spaldeen. I developed a love affair for this ball that I still have today.

1) Bounce Ball Drop
On a hard top, hold a spaldeen (or tennis ball) about eye height on blacktop or concrete. Drop it and your son or daughter (or a team player) will run from say 20 feet away or any number of feet. As the ball bounces, you the dad, mom or coach will yell how many times it bounces as the ball continually hits the concrete or blacktop. The player has to slap the ball away before the “next bounce.” This can be done with a team with as many coaches as you have. Work your way up from slapping the ball away, to the players catching the ball. Here’s a hint. Make sure when you drop it, stand to the side and move away. And if you are doing it with a team, spread the heck out!

2) Bounce Ball Wall
Same concept as the above game. But you are tossing the spalpeen (or tennis ball) against a wall. The first one is practice so the player gets an idea of how the ball bounces. Then instruct the player that they must slap the ball away before it bounces say four times. You will count the bounces.

3) Over Under Race
Divide your t-ball team into two or three equal teams. Each team stands behind each other. The first person in line has a soft covered ball at their feet. On the go command, the first person in each line picks up the ball and with his back to the next person in line passes it over his shoulder. The receiver (or second person in line) will then pass it to the third person in line between their legs. The third person receives it and goes over his shoulder. Get it! Each team will alternate going over and under.

4) Neck Ball Pass
Believe it or not I used this little drill in the finals of an All Star game with 12-year olds to loosen everyone up. It worked and we won! Like the drill above but this time the first player puts the ball under his neck squeezing it with his chin. He then passes it to the next person under his chin without using his hands. The kids will crack up laughing with this one.

  Sometimes the most immature drills or games are the most popular. Adjust each to the age of your team and don’t think older kids won’t enjoy the kids stuff!

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