Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Quick Tip #39

T-Ball Game-Bombs Away

 I have found that the most popular practice games in youth baseball or t-ball have very little to do with teaching a skill set or a correct technique. And so what! As long as the game is safe, has a baseball theme and is fun! So goes it with a game I made up years ago called “Bombs Away.” The name was made before the whole PC world came in vogue so please do not take offense. I will repeat this over and over again that you need plenty of room for this game and you must be away from anyone with a pulse who may be in harms way of 5 and 6 year olds throwing soft covered balls all over the place. Divide the team in half--6 players on each side or whatever numbers you have. There is a line that splits the field. I usually use rope. About 20-30 feet from the line three cones are set up in a row on each side about 3-5 feet from each other. On each side of the line the coach will place 20-30 soft covered balls on the ground near the center line. Each team of six will start in front of the cones. On the “Go” command or whistle, the players will run to where the balls are on their side of the line. They must not cross that center line. Each team then must pick up the balls, turn to where the cones are where they ran from and throw as many balls as they can beyond the cones. This rapid fire type drill is one of the most popular you will have as a t-ball coach or parent. A few things. This drill works best when done at the end of practice. Kids are always hyper after this game. You can determine a winner either by having a designated time and see which team throws more over the line. Or the winner is the team that throws all their balls beyond the cones first. Also reinforce for players not to fight over the balls and that this is a team game. Coaches and assistant coaches must place themselves where the action is to prevent any potential injury. Your players will want to do this game more than once so give yourself enough time at the end of practice. Remember you need plenty of room for this game. This game is a winner!

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