Thursday, October 12, 2017

Quick Tip #34

T-Ball Batting Practice

  I have spoken about the need in t-ball to have plenty of help with assistant coaches and parents. In this batting practice set up, you’ll need them. This batting practice t-ball drill goes quick and unless you have enough help, there could be an increase in the potential for injuries. I actually took this drill from a fielding drill I used to use with my older kids. Set up two batting tee’s. One between home and first and the bother between home and third but about 5-10 feet into foul territory. Using whiffle balls or even tennis balls, each player will get a number from 1-12 or however many players are on the team. I assign numbers as the players show up to practice so the first person to arrive is number 1, the second is number 2 and so on. Number 1 will hit off one tee and number 2 will hit off the other tee. There is a coach at each tee to replace the hit ball. Number 3 is on deck behind 1 and number 4 is on deck behind 2 a safe distance away with a parent always with each on deck hitter. The 8 other players will be scattered in the field with the instruction that when they field the ball, they must roll it to the bucket that is set up in the infield usually in front of the pitcher’s mound. There is no throwing anyone out. Now this is important. There has to be a line set up or rope that players in the field cannot go in front of. About 20 feet from the batting tees.  We want to keep it a safe distance from the fielders to the batters swinging. Each batter will get 3-5 swings as the coach puts the next ball on the tee after the swing. Once both players are through and only when instructed will the coach yell out, 

“Numbers 5 and 6 on deck. Numbers 3 and 4 are batting.”

So you can picture there is a lot of movement , running in and out and coaches and parents must pay attention and direct the kids. A few things:

 1. Emphasize to the t-ball players there is no throwing
 2. Tell the batters there is no base running in this drill
 3. Kids love to chase balls and will sometimes fight over them. Coaches in the field have got to take control.

This moves fast but the t-ball players love it!

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