Thursday, October 12, 2017

Quick Tip #32

Obstacle Course

How about ending your last practice on a high note! Young players love obstacle courses. On the go command, the player will run to first base, through the bag and turning into foul territory, which is the proper way to run to first base, not stopping on the bag. He will then run to second base, making sure to hit the bag, then go straight to the outfield fence where three hula hoops are set up as targets to throw three balls into. This promotes proper throwing techniques and accuracy. After all three balls have been made in between the hoops, the player will run through third base, touching the bag, then back home where he must hit a recyclable off one tee and a baseball off another. This obstacle course is great because it involves baserunning, throwing, and hitting skills. It can be made into a competition between players or against a clock.

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