Thursday, October 12, 2017

Quick Tip #30

 Hit It Across The Country

The best drills that have the most meaning and create the best bonding with parents and their own kids are drills that take some time to prepare.

Take a milk carton, any size. Cut a hold in the bottom. Run a rope through it about 20‒25 feet long from a fence, a coach holding the other end with gloves. Start the milk carton about 5 feet from the coach so he does not get hit. The player must see how many swings it takes to get the milk carton to touch the fence.
The act of focusing on the item is helping develop the t‒ball concept while making another fun creative game. The player should aim for the top half of the milk carton in order for it to slide down the rope when hit. Kids love this drill and will request it throughout the year. This drill is more of an individual drill to be done at home. The coach can demonstrate at practice and he should send handouts home instructing the parents how to set this up. Even kids who live in an apartment complex are able to do this drill.

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