Thursday, October 12, 2017

Quick Tip #28

 Newspaper Ball Catch

Here is a great beginner catching drill that is non‒threatening to players who may have a fear of getting hurt. Roll up a few newspapers, and do it right in front of your players. They will laugh and get a kick out of this. The coach will have a catch with the newspaper ball with his players. 
Because the newspaper is light it comes down slower than a baseball. Players will have a great shot at being successful in this drill. This is one of those progression drills when introducing the skills of catching early on to your child. Remember, kids of all ages love to use props in drills. The players can help the coach roll up the newspapers.
A variation is to use the rolled up newspapers to hit with a plastic bat. The key the coach should emphasize is to just make contact with the newspaper, not concerned with where or how far it goes. The players should also help the coach pick up the newspaper in‒between rounds. This is another example of taking a common household item and creating a drill with it. The rolled up newspaper is very safe, either catching it or hitting it.

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