Thursday, October 12, 2017

Quick Tip #27

On Guard!

Keeping with the theory that young t‒ball players should practice hitting anything to promote hand‒eye coordination in a creative engaging way, On Guard is like it sounds. 
Both the coach and player are holding a plastic bat. It must be plastic! The coach will move the bat around and yell, “Go.” On the go command, the player has to quickly swing and hit the plastic bat with his bat as if in a sword fight and then bring his bat back. The coach should put his bat high as well as low and move it in an unpredictable pattern.

In this early season drill we are having the players use their hand‒eye coordination. They enjoy this drill a lot.You only want the coach or one of the parents to hold the plastic bat the players will hit. Players will be tempted to sword fight amongst themselves, so coaches and parents must be aware of this and only use a few plastic bats at a time. As in all t‒ball drills, you must spread out the players and make use of your parents to help out. Coaches should reinforce the hand placement on the bat but don’t be too concerned about things like knuckles lining up.

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