Saturday, October 7, 2017

Quick Tip #2

 Your first few t-ball practices for the new season may be a challenge for a first time coach and new players. Why not start out with a few familiar games and add a baseball theme. Divide your team up for a relay race. The baseball theme put in is that players must wear their gloves with two baseballs in it. After the first player runs to the fence or around cones, he must pass the two baseballs to the next person in line. Players cannot throw or flip the balls to the next person.

  The same concept can be used in a game of tag with all players wearing their gloves and holding one or two baseballs in it. The player that is "it" must tag a person with their glove hand. Familiar games like these will help make players comfortable with each other. Coaches should be creative and make up fun games.

Click the link below for a six minute podcast on the above quick tip.

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