Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Quick Tip #13

No Cell Phone Day

I’ve already given some t-ball non-playing tips such as a team newsletter. Here’s something to try. A no cell phone day! I live outside New York City and frequent there a lot. I like many people are amazed with the cell phone craze and social media, texting etc. It has gotten out of hand. And in many cases rude. When I would be in New York City stopped at a red light, most people that looked to be under 30-years old would be looking at their phone or texting not lifting their head up while crossing the street in one of the busiest cities in the world. Unfortunately now when I witness the same thing, in addition to the under 30 crowd, many adults 40 and 50-years old are doing the same thing while crossing the street. We are addicted to our cell phones. I’m not telling you anything new. But this doesn’t mean we can’t instill some values to our sons and daughters. 
  One t-ball game a year, make it a no cell phone game. Parents cannot bring their cell phones to the field and must leave them in their cars. I have seen it at games that unless their son or daughter is at bat, many parents will bury themselves into their cell phones. What type of society are we becoming? Put the phones away for one game and get the other team to agree to this. Show the kids how important and enthusiastic parents can be watching a t-ball game. Don't forget, kids will remember!

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