Saturday, October 7, 2017

Quick Tip #1

  Discussed already is the need to separate skills with young t-ballers in early season practices. It is better to have players throw without catching, catch without throwing. Here is an easy drill:

On a fence make a line made out of blue painter’s tape. You can make the line long or short but the longer, the more kids can do the drill at once. The player(s) that are going will have a ball in their throwing hand about 20 feet (or shorter to start) from the fence. The coach will either yell “high” or “low.” 
If the command is “high” the players must try and throw the ball above the blue tape line. If “low” is yelled out, the players try to throw the ball below the blue line. Make sure a soft covered t-ball is used and spread the players out wide. This drill can also be easily done in a gym.

Click the link below for a six minute podcast on the above quick tip.
T-Ball America Podcast Tip #1 (Separating skills when teaching)

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